preparations are underway...

Now we know the dates for the production for our collaborative project with Dreamshed Theatre Company, 'Places I Remember', we've been able to keep ourselves really busy. We've been working hard on the writing with artisitc director of Dreamshed Theatre Company, Bill Cronshaw. We're really excited to be working with Dreamshed, a local theatre company with a history of working with new writers in Glouestershire and further afield. Bill Cronshaw has previously worked on a production with Lucy before with The University of Gloucestershire, called 'Smoke Rings' in 2013. 'Smoke Rings' was a piece collaboratively written by third year Dramatic Writing students who were funded by the Everyman Theatre and the University to co-author a piece on the history of Tobacco production in Gloucestershire. Bill rose to the challenge of working with the group, and directed a fantastic, sell-out, production. Now, Bill takes on the challenge of working with another group of writers: us!

The devising starts here: now the series of monolgoues that Eleven Places have written are complete, we're ready to collate the monolologues and weave them into a production. This has taken much brain power, but we're convinced that once the monologues have been deconstructed and put back together as an ensemble piece the end result will be powerful - a potent examination on the places that we remember. As well as devising the work into the shape it will be produced in, we're starting to think about fun and exciting ways to involve the community in the project. Watch this space for more details. Any ideas on how you could contribute to 'The Places I Remember' project, the get in touch through our 'contact us' page.

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